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Roles in Cora Case Manager

Starting with V4.0, Cora OpsManager has been renamed to Cora Case Manager.


Users in Cora OpsManager are categorized into different groups, and based on the rights assigned, the users can perform different actions. 


Following are the general roles you can assign to users in Cora OpsManager. 

  • Power Users
    • Manager
    • Employee
  • HotOperations Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Associate

To create and enable new roles per need, contact the product team.

Only the power users have access to the administration settings. The Manager role in power users has right to perform all the administrative activities, however, the Employee role has rights only to the following:

  • Category-Role Association
  • Email Templates
  • Manage User Groups
  • Mailbox

The HotOperations Manager, Team Leader, and Associate roles are mainly for case handling users.