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Mask Overview

When you can define a stored procedure or service query, you can define a mask for each parameter that passes between Cora SeQuence and the stored procedure or service query. The mask enables you to indicate what type of parameter it is, so that automatic operations perform correctly during execution, such as how to display a grid or paging for a combo box.

Masks can map data that is calculated automatically, such as the page size, total items, and page index of a grid or combo box. Such parameters enable grid and combo box controls to provide paging functionality. You can assign masks to other parameters manually, such as field input parameters.

Mask TypeDescription
Mask Types
FilterAutomatic parameter that extracts text from a combo box. Cora SeQuence uses the text entered to filter the combo box's data.
InInput parameter you must supply manually. You can provide it as a default value. If you do not provide it as a default value, you must provide it as a WHERE parameter in the stored procedure. If you do not provide a value using either of these methods, the system applies a default value of NULL.
InOutParameter that is both In and Out.
ItemKey1Used to send a record according to key, for example, a default value of a combo box. Parameter retrieval is determined by primary key.
ItemKey2A primary key can have several columns. This is the second column.
ItemKey3The primary key's third column.
OutParameter that is Out. Generally, you do not need to map this parameter.
PageIndexAn automatic parameter that represents page index. This mask is zero based, so the page index begins with zero.
PageIndexOneBasedSame as the PageIndex parameter, but the index starts with 1 in the data source.
PageSizeAn automatic parameter that represents the page size.
ReturnValueResults of the stored procedure or service.
SortRepresents a sort, such as a sorting grid. This parameter is taken from the control and passed to the query.
StartItemIndexAn automatic parameter that defines the row to start paging from. For example, a combo box with 30 results and a StartItemIndex value of 11 has the following paging: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30.
TotalItemCountTotal number of records.
UnspecifiedDefault mask when no mask is specified.