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Understanding the Process Instance Page in Flowtime

The Process Instance page in Flowtime is where users view their processes' properties and progress, move processes forward by filling out forms, and send process task messages. 

There are several sections of the Process Instance page from which you perform actions.

Process Instance Page Action Areas
Execution Tree
  • Located in the left panel of the Process Instance page.
  • Displays the process's Human Activities (Forms, Tasks, and Messages) that were executed, and to whom process tasks and messages were sent.
  • Right-click activities to check if you have the option to rollback the activity or to dynamically create a new message for tasks.
Execution Area
  • The main area of the Process Instance page.
  • Complete forms
  • View and respond to messages

Task Bar
  • The ribbon in the Execution Area.
  • For Task Activities that are queued.
  • Fetch Task
  • Add Recipients
  • Recall the Task
  • Reassign the Task

Options Bar
  • The ribbon in the Instance Process blue header.
  • Ask/View Questions
  • Add/View Comments
  • Trace
  • Print