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Cora Case Manager 4.0.1 Release Notes

21 DECEMBER 2023

This is an update for Cora Case Manager V4.0.1, which includes a new feature and some resolved issues detailed below.

To download the release package and instructions, click here.

New feature

QC tasks accuracy score calculation: A new functionality of accuracy score calculation is added to the QC tasks. For accuracy score calculation the Power user needs to define the following:

  • Weightage of each QC question - You can set weightage for QC questions and based on the weightage a question holds value above others.
  • Whether it's a critical question or not. Questions marked as critical should be marked as Yes or NA for the QC to pass.

For details, see the QC Settings section in this article.

For QC tasks created before upgrade to V4.0.1, the QC score is calculated as earlier.

The navigation in the article may differ from the actual Flowtime portal.

Resolved Issues

#IssueResolutionTicket #
1In personal reminders the date format was always in DD\MM\YY format, irrespective of user settings.Date format is set per user settings.1781498
2For non-blocking hooks, the comments were not displayed correctly in the conversation tab. Instead of the comment passed from the output activity, a default comment was displayed.The comment that is passed from the output activity is displayed in the conversation tab.1798651