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Deep Link Examples


Cora Orchestration supports deep linking in URLs, which enables the applications to send the user directly to the specific in-app location. Deep links open a specific URL in a new tab instead of in a new window. It reduces the overhead of managing different windows and improves the user experience.

Currently, there's no deep linking for search queries. For example, */search?q=phrase.


SyntaxDeep link exampleDescription
<Application URL>/wf/<workflowID>/wf/2148677618
Opens a specific workflow instance.
2148677618 is the workflow ID.
<Application URL>/msg/<messageID>
Opens a specific message.
2147588810 is the message ID.
<Application URL>/act/<activityID>
Opens a specific activity.
2183877237 is the activity ID
<Application URL>/a/Default/<dashboardName>
Opens a specific dashboard.
Sales1 is the name of the dashboard.
<Application URL>/s/<solutionName>
Opens a specific solution.
SolutionSales is the name of the solution.
<Application URL>/s/<solutionName>/a/Default/<dashboardName>
Opens a specific dashboard in a specific solution.
SolutionSales is the name of the solution.
Ops Manager Dashboard is the name of the dashboard.
<Application URL>/cases/<workflowInstanceID>
Opens the Processes I Started case list of a specific workflow.
<Application URL>/wfid/<workflowInstanceID>
Creates a new instance of a specific workflow.