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Save Command Options

You can add a Submit button and Update button to your forms, which enable users to save the information they entered on the form. To configure the save command option, you give the button a CommandName in the Properties panel.  There are two save CommandName options.

  • Save: saves all controls in the current view, but not the controls in its sub-views.
  • SaveAll: saves all controls in the current view and in its sub-views.

NOTE: In this context, Submit means redirecting to the next activity.

Submit Button Control

You can add the Submit Button control, which comes with pre-configured, default submit properties.

  • command = SaveAll
  • text = Submit


  • 0 = save, but do not submit.
  • 1 = save and submit.


  • 1,0 - close the task, save, but do not submit.
  • 1,1 - close the task, save, and submit.
  • 0,0 - save, but do not close or submit the task (same as just writing 0).
  • 1,2 - set the action items that will close when the first user submits the task.