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Setting HTTPS Site Bindings



Use this script to configure the Cora SeQuence site to use the HTTPS protocol.


Before you run the script, make sure that:

  • The certificate is installed on the server.
  • You have the certificate thumbprint.
  • You have configured your DNS and/or load balancer accordingly.


Run the script on the servers where the Flowtime and Administration site applications are deployed.

  1. Set the $hostHeader and $certificateThumbprint parameters as required.
  2. For Get-CoraSeQuenceSite, replace the SiteType parameter with the relevant site type: Administration or Flowtime.  
  3. Run the script.


#Set the required variables
$hostHeader = ""
$certificateThumbprint = "XXXXX"

#Get the site
$site = Get-CoraSeQuenceSite -SiteType Administration
if (-not ($site))
    Write-Error -Message "Site not found!"
    #Remove all existing bindings - it is recommended to have a single binding per site
    $site | Get-WebBinding | Remove-WebBinding
    #Create the new HTTPS binding
    New-WebBinding -Protocol https -Port 443 -HostHeader $hostHeader -IPAddress * -Name $site.Name
    $binding = Get-WebBinding -Name $site.Name
    #Get the certificate and add it to the binding
    $certificate = Get-Item -Path "Cert:\LocalMachine\My\$certificateThumbprint"
    #Set the WCF configuration for HTTPS - also requires the current authentication type to be provided
    Set-CoraSeQuenceSiteWCFConfiguration -SiteType Administration -AuthenticationType Windows -Protocol HTTPS