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Hide Case Conversations


From V3.4 onwards, the feature to hide case conversations is not relevant.

Earlier than V3.4

In Cora OpsManager, all the case-related conversations appear as messages on the Conversations tab of the Case details page. These messages are of different types like comments, queries, and notifications based on the type of conversation. For example, any information related to the case when sent by the system is displayed as system notification on the Conversations tab, and any email sent or received on a Case is displayed as an email notification on the Conversations tab. 

Cora OpsManager allows the developers to control the display of different types of messages on the Conversations tab. To do so, add a message status to "Not display message status" lookup table on Admin console. For any message statuses added to the above mentioned table, the corresponding messages are hidden from the Conversations tab.

To hide a message from the conversations tab, follow the steps below:

  1. On Admin console, go to Administration > Lookup Tables > ICM Data Model > NotDisplayedMessageStatuses.
  2. Click + Add New Record, to add a message status.
  3. Select the Status from the list, and click Add.

The selected message status appears in the lookup. The messages with this selected message status will now be hidden on the Conversations tab.