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Developing Workflows

Workflows are the foundation of business process management. They coordinate tasks between people, and synchronize data between systems.

You define, execute, and automate business processes in which tasks, and information or documents, are guided from one employee to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

Workflow Types

 Workflow Type
  • Flow-chart based (generally)
  • Progresses from one stage to the next 
  • Does not revert to previous stage
State machine
  • Progresses from state to state
  • Returns to a previous state (when necessary)
  • Implemented based on a sequential workflow
  • Rules dictate the progress of the workflow

Workflow Use Cases

  • HR: workflows that govern HR-related procedures, such as starter, leaver, annual review.
  • Banking: workflows for new client accounts, approval cycle for mortgage request or loan request.
  • Manufacturing: quality assurance workflows, such as non-conformity, complaints, preventive maintenance.
  • Customer Service: workflows that assign tasks to agents that handle customer requests.
  • Defense: workflows that manage situation room processes.
  • Travel: workflows that manage a client vacation, hotel reservation, flight reservation, and more, for a travel agency.