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Publish an Analytics Dashboard


After you create an analytics dashboard, you can publish the dashboard to SSRS and Flowtime, or just to SSRS.

The publishing process runs "behind the scenes", and includes the following actions.

  • A unique stored procedure is created in the database. The stored procedure joins the tables involved in the dashboard, using instance workflow as the key. The stored procedure's name is the Dashboard Name + GUID.
  • A shared data set is created in SSRS that points to the stored procedure.
  • An RDL file is created for each dashboard visual, and points to the data set.
  • A SharePoint page is created with a preconfigured template, which points the visual web parts to the RDL files.


Verify that you:


  1. In the Dashboard Designer, on the top ribbon, click Publish.
    • Publish the dashboard to SSRS and Flowtime.
    • Publish the dashboard to SSRS only. If you select this option, no further action is required.
  2. Configure the dashboard layout.

Troubleshooting a Failed Publish Operation

Verify the following information if the publish operation fails.

  1. The user you defined in the SharePoint Connection procedure has the following permissions:
    1. Write to the SharePoint list. For more information see 
    2. Add RDL files to the reporting server.
  2. You defined a data source in the SSRS that points to the database. For more information, see Define Connection Settings to SharePoint and SSRS.

If you verify these issues and the publish operation still fails, contact the Cora SeQuence support team.