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Add Attachments to a Message


You can add attachments to a message using expressions or from an external data source. The expression value should be a GUID that represents the ID of a file in the tblAttachments table.

Message Attachment Options

Message Section
Attachment Type and Value
  • Expression: an attachment based on the result of a process field expression. The expression's result should be a field of type attachment.
  • Custom: an object from an external data source.
Add attachment
Click to add an attachment directly.
Compress all attachments into one ZIP file
Compresses all attachments into a single ZIP file.

Add Multiple Attachments to a Message from a Grid

If you have a grid with attachment type fields and you want to include all the files from the grid in a message, you can use the following expression.
{Activity Name}.Query("Grid Name").Select(field("AttachmentFieldName"))