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Database Upgrade Paths

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.

Follow this chart when planning your Cora SeQuence upgrade.

This article relates to the database upgrade and post-upgrade procedures only.
Cora SeQuence V9.0 and later applications are immutable and cannot be upgraded. Each application deployment overwrites the previous one. You only need to deploy the applications based on the database version.

  • Pre-upgrade actions: You need to perform specific tasks before upgrading your database. These tasks can be running SQL scripts or performing manual actions.
    For example, before upgrading the database to V9.x, you need to do some cleanup.
  • Post-upgrade actions: You need to perform additional tasks after deploying the database. These tasks are not mandatory for the current version but need to be executed before upgrading to the next version.
    For example, some Email Listener's tables changed in V9.3. So, V9.3 systems can work with the previous tables or the changed ones, but V9.4 systems will work only with the changed tables.

Unless stated otherwise, when you deploy a minor version, consider the upgrade path relevant to its major version. For example, to deploy V9.4.1 consider the pre and post-upgrade actions relevant for V9.4.
You can upgrade from V9.3 to V9.4 even if V9.5 is already available, but you still need to perform V9.3 post-upgrade actions.

After you upgrade to V10.2

After deploying V10.2 (new installation or upgrade), you need to run the following SQL scripts.

  • Delete unused languages from [tblLanguages]
delete from tblLanguages
where fldCulture in ('fr-FR','he-IL','ja-JP','nl-NL','pt-PT');
  • Replace unused languages in [tblemployees] with a supported language. For example, British English (en-GB).
update tblemployees
set fldLanguage = 'en-GB'
where fldLanguage in ('fr-FR','he-IL','ja-JP','nl-NL','pt-PT');

Before you upgrade to V9.9

When you upgrade from V9.8, follow this upgrade path: V9.8.3 → V9.8.4 → V9.8.5

Before you upgrade to V9.8

To upgrade to V9.8 from any previous version, you must upgrade to V9.7.1 first.

Download the 9.7.1 dacpac file here.

After you upgrade to V9.5 and V9.5.1

To enable old Email Listener activities to use unified email listener tables tblEmailListenerMessages and tblEmailListenerMessageAttachments instead of UACT tables, download and run the Email Listener post-deployment scripts in the following order:

  1. UnifiedEmailListenerMigrationScript.sql
  2. PostEmailListenerDatamodelMigrationScript.sql
  3. MoveIndexesToRightFilegroups.sql

Download the post-upgrade scripts here.

After you upgrade to V9.4

For the archiving database, configure to run PartitionMaintenancePlan.sql script every month to create an additional partition.
For details on how to configure, see the Deploy archive database section in this article.
In addition, you may run PROCEDURE [dbo].[spArchiving_AddBulkWorkflowInstanceToExclusionList] script to add in bulk, the list of workflow instances to exclude from archiving.

Download the post-upgrade script here.

After you upgrade to V9.3

Run a post-upgrade script that changes the fldrequest and fldresponse column types of the UACT tables from XML to NVARCHAR(MAX). The time required to run the script depends on the number of UACT tables in your database and their size. To estimate the overall time required, run the script on a copy of the production database.

Download the post-upgrade script here.

Contact Support to obtain credentials to access the Cora SeQuence repository and download the post-upgrade scripts.

After you upgrade to V9.0

Download and run the post-upgrade script.