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Create Bulk Upload Workflow

Cora OpsManager supports bulk upload, and has an example workflow that shows how it works.

You need to create your own upload workflow, and add error handling to it before using in production. The file must be of .csv format.

The example workflow opens a form where you select category, type, sub type, and file, and click Submit to generate a case out of each row of the CSV file.

Following is the example Excel template:



Requester name

Requester email address



Target date (must be in dd/mm/yyy format)

United Kingdom


Person One

bulk 1

details of bulk 1

10/27/2018 12:30



Hector Boissieu

bulk 2

details of bulk 2

10/27/2018 13:00



Person Two

bulk 3

details of bulk 2

10/28/2018 13:00

To create your own excel bulk upload, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a folder for the excel upload workflow on your local drive (say, C:\).
  2. Give read and write permissions to the specific user. You must give these permissions to the system user. 
  3. Duplicate the “ICM Bulk Upload Example” workflow, and give it a suitable name.
  4. Edit the Save File To Server activity for the following parameters to connect the workflow to excel upload folder:
    • Name: folder name.
    • Host: the server name.
    • Base path: location of the folder.
    • Credential type: choose store.
    • Credentials: select from the existing or create new name of the user that has access to the folder and its password.

In the bulk upload Excel file, Cora OpsManager takes the target date of the records as UTC.