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Working with Flowtime Grid Views



To display information that is most relevant to specific cases, users can add, remove, and reorder the columns of a grid, as well as, filter and sort the data according to any of the grid's parameter. After arranging the grid view that best fits their needs, users can save the view for future use. Views are saved per grid and per solution.

Use cases

Saving views creates a personalized experience when working with grids.
Following are some examples:

  • My Views: Use this option to save views based on a filtered criteria. 
    • Team members can create personal views that display only the relevant columns for specific tasks sorted by due date.
    •  Managers can create personal views to compare the number of cases initiated in the last 24 hours in different regions, such as Europe and North America.
  • Shared Views: Create standard views across global teams. 
    • Managers can create shared views of the My Tasks grid for different solutions. Each shared view is available to all the users of specific teams, such as Sales North America, Sales EMEA, and Sales Latin America.

View types

  • System Views: 
    • Default: All grids have a Default view, which reflects the settings configured in the grid's config file. All saved views are based on the Default view.
    • System Views by grid: Represent the default database views that cannot be modified. See the list of the System Views below.
  • Shared Views: Views saved by users with the Shared View permission. Shared Views are available for all users with access to the specific grid. 
    For details on how to grand Shared View permissions, see this article.
  • My Views: Grid views that you have saved. These views are visible only to you.  

System Views by grid

GridView name
My Tasks (Flowtime)Due Today
Tasks List (Hot Operations: Team Member)In Progress
Tasks List (Hot Operations: Team Leader)Assigned
In Progress
Case List (Hot Operations: Operations Manager)Allocated
In Progress

The Completed tab is not active for system views because this tab already displays a specific view of the data. You cannot apply additional filters to it.

Working with views

Users can edit, save, and delete views.

Settings menuOptionDescription

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Save View*Select this option to save your changes. You can save the view with a new name, or keep its original name.
Edit View Settings*Select this option to change the view's name and define where it should be displayed.
Only users with the Shared View permission can save the view as a shared view.
Revert to Saved ViewDiscards any changes you made to the saved view. 
Delete View*Deletes the current view.

* If you have Shared View permissions, this option is available for shared views. If not, the option is only available for views in My views.