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Int to Long Issues

In v8.3, we upgraded our instances id from int to big int, which allows for higher instance volume. There are areas that require special attention and reconfiguration.

Web Service Listener Schema

Web service listeners in an upgraded environment that are used to return the workflow instance id should use cast, such as, ToInt32(wf.workflowinstanceid), or change the schema to return long.

Data Insert and Data Update

If you explicitly placed zero in fldiwfid or fldiactid, you should convert it to int64, for example, ToInt64(0).

Database Index on UACT Tables

If you put indexes on UACT or UWF tables, use the relevant database scripts to remove them before you upgrade, and renew them after you upgrade.

  • 0: Drop UACT table indexes and store their creation scripts
  • 3: Recreate UACT indexes