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PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.

The Cora SeQuence module includes general functions required to deploy the application.

Function nameDescriptionVersion
Adds and updates environment variables for secret stores.10.1
Set-CoraSeQuenceApplicationConfigurationApplies specified configuration for Cora SeQuence applications using the XML Document Transformations (XDT).9.6.1
Disable-CoraSeQuenceJobsLogsDisables jobs logs (svclog) on all instances of installed Cora SeQuence JES and Administration.9.5
Disable-CoraSeQuenceRuntimeLogsDisables runtime logs (svclog) on all installed Cora SeQuence apps.9.5
Enable-CoraSeQuenceJobsLogsEnables jobs logs (svclog) on all instances of installed Cora SeQuence JES and Administration.9.5
Enable-CoraSeQuenceRuntimeLogsEnables runtime logs (svclog) on all installed Cora SeQuence apps.9.5
ConvertTo-CoraSeQuenceEncryptedStringEncrypts the provided string using the cryptographic service configured on the Cora SeQuence Administration site.9.3
Get-CoraSeQuenceQuickSearchConfigurationRetrieves the current Cora SeQuence case search configuration.
Returned values: status (enabled, disabled) and number of results.
Install-CoraSeQuenceApplication Deploys the application on the server.
This function runs additional functions, such as Test-CoraSeQuenceCompatibility. 
Install-CoraSeQuencePrerequisitesAttempts to install missing prerequisite software and roles and privileges. 9.0
New-CoraSeQuenceDeploymentPackageCreates a Cora SeQuence deployment package.9.0
Register-CoraSeQuenceEventLogCreates an event log so that the applications can write to it.
Does not require any parameter.
Register-CoraSeQuencePerformanceCountersRegisters the Cora SeQuence performance counters and categories in the operating system.9.0
Set-CoraSeQuenceConnectionStringSets the connection string to the database for all the applications deployed on the server in the Administration Web.config.9.0
Set-CoraSequenceQuickSearchConfigurationConfigures the Cora SeQuence Hot Operations case search capability.9.0
Test-CoraSeQuenceCompatibilityChecks if the prerequisite software is installed on the server.9.0

Get a list of all functions related to a module

  1. On PowerShell, run Get-Command -Module CoraSeQuence* | sort Source

Get help on functions

All functions in the Cora SeQuence PowerShell modules contain built-in help. 

To get help on a specific function, run Get-Help <FunctionName>.