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Workflow Source Control


Learn how to manage workflow versions and implement source control best practices, especially when working as a team.

When you check out a workflow, you have exclusive editing privileges for the workflow. 

When you check in a workflow, the system takes a snapshot of the current activity state, and other team members are able to check out and edit the workflow.

If you open a workflow while someone else is editing it, each activity has an orange circle, indicating that you cannot check out and edit the workflow until it is checked in.

Tip: Changes you make to activities and workflows when the workflow is checked out take effect immediately. You do not have to check in the workflow for the changes to take affect. 

Best Practice: Check in a workflow after you finish editing the workflow. This way team members can edit the workflow immediately.

Managing Source Control Status

To view all activities' check in / check out status of a workflow, select Collaboration > Source Control. There are several actions you can perform with source control.

  • Bulk edit activities' status.  Click the three dots button to view an activity's source control history.
  • To revert changes made to a checked out activity and discard the check out, click Undo Pending Changes.

Caution: In UX Studio, you must click Save for the form to be saved.