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Cora SeQuence 8.5.7 Release Notes

9 May 2018

This is an update for Cora SeQuence v8.5, which includes a fix for the issue detailed below.

Resolved Issue

Email Listener job fails and the email queue gets stuck when the Reply To field contains an invalid email.

Update Steps

  1. Back up the Cora SeQuence database. 
  2. Download  the ZIP file.
  3. Open the DB Scripts folder, and run thePatchSynchronization_Data.sqlscript  on your Cora SeQuencedatabase.
  4. Run IISReset. 
  5. Deploy thePNMsoft.Sequence.Jobs.Listeners.Email.dllon all Cora SeQuence servers’ GAC (Global Assembly Cache). 
  6. Run IISReset for the change to take effect. 

NOTE:  If you are running a Cora SeQuence version earlier than v8.5.7, you need to install v8.5.6 before you install v8.5.7.