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Configuring Elasticsearch Service
This article explains how to configure the Elasticsearch service.
Analytics Overview
Analytics Overview
Create a Report Dashboard
This article helps you create a report dashboard.
Archive Overview
This article provides an overview on archiving in Cora Orchestration.
Configure Archive
This articles explains how to configure archiving in Cora Orchestration.
Application Variables
This is the list of application variables supported in Cora Orchestration.
Session Configuration
This article explains how to configure session timeout in Cora Orchestration.
Deep Link Examples
Use these deep link examples for different URLs in the portal.
Configure Grid Filtering Mode
This article helps you configure grid filtering mode.
Create a Case Configuration Set
This article helps you create case configuration sets.
Connect a Case Configuration Set to a Solution
This article helps you connect a configuration set to a Solution.
Define Case Configuration Set for Case Scoring
This article explains the procedure to define a case configuration set for case scoring and configure JES jobs for case scoring.