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UX Studio

How to use UX Studio to design, customize, and edit forms for dynamic workflows.


 UX Studio Overview
UX Studio is a .NET markup editor in a 100% Web development environment, enabling developers to rapidly collaborate on forms. UX Studio includes separate working modes for basic and advanced users.
Defining Controls
Learn how to create, implement, and manipulate controls in Cora SeQuence forms.
UX Studio: Tips and Best Practices
Follow these best practices when working in the UX Studio.
Implement Client-Side and Server-Side Code
Add client-side code or server-side code to extend form functionality.
Advanced Queries and Data Model
Learn how to define a query whose data is retrieved from a stored procedure. You can then use this data to populate a combo box on your form.
Add a Code Snippet
Use code snippets to extend functionality in Forms.
Configure Where Parameters for a Data Source
Filter a data source's displayed values according to a Where expression.
Configure Order by Parameters for a Data Source
Order a data source's displayed values, such as a grid or combo box, according to one or more parameters.
Add multiple-file upload snippet to a form
Add a JavaScript snippet that enables end-users to attach several files to a form.
 Add UI Rules to a Form
This article helps you add UI rules to a form view.
Create Conditional Subviews
This article helps you create conditional subviews.