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Cora SeQuence 8.3.1 Release Notes

2 JULY 2017

This is an update for Cora SeQuence v8.3.0, which includes new product functionality, and resolves product issues, detailed below.

New Functionality

  •  Add a Job from the Job Management section: You can now add and define a new job from the Job Management section of the Administration site. 
  • Search box to quickly find activities in the toolbox: As we expand our workflow activities, we included a search box so you can quickly find the activity you need.
  • Switch off encryption in SQL notification service: We switched off encryption to make it easier to maintain the SQL notification service, so you do not have to manage the master key. In any case, in some instances of the SQL server, messages are sent without encryption.
  • Azure Text Analytics integration: Consume a REST service endpoint to detect the language, extract key phrases, and determine sentiment. For more information, read this article.
  • Users with execute permissions can update any open form in a process: Updated the Permission Model, allowing users with execute permission to update any open form in the process.

Resolved Issues

  • Built Command crush when there is type mismatch error.

Resolution: The wizard ignores the mismatch.

  • Built-in command activity failed when executing on JES thread.

Resolution: Fixed engine load duplication.

  • False-Positive validation error when using referenced data model in form data source.

Resolution: Added the import data model for the search location of the validation module.

  • Global Variable type not updated in assigned activity when changing the variable type from "Global Variable" table.

Resolution: When you enter the workflow variable wizard and click OK, the types are updated.

  • Users with Start permission in the role-based permission module cannot start process.

Resolution: Fixed the relevant stored procedure.

  • When you click Enter within the TextArea field in runtime, the cursor does not break lines.

Resolution: Fixed Form control JavaScript to allow line breaking.

  • Cannot configure columns when editing web parts in SharePoint.

Resolution: Added an XSRF token to the service that returns the grid columns.

Update Steps

Update from 8.3.0:

1. Download the files. 

2. Make sure the following files and folders are on the same level in the server.

  • exe.bat
  • PatchTo8_3_1.ps1
  • GAC
  • Flowtime
  • Job Execution Service
  • Administration
  • SharePoint
  • ADSS

3. From the update folder, right-click the .exe file and select Run as administrator.

4. Backup your database.

a. Run the PatchSynchronization.sql and PatchSynchronization_Data.sql scripts from the DB Scripts folder on your Cora SeQuence Database.

      5. (OPTIONAL) AzureTextAnalytics

a. Import the AzureTextAnalytics\ST_Azure Text process.

b. Copy the TemplateInfo.Config file to ~\Shared Resources\Components\Workflows\DiagramElementTemplates\System\AzureCognitiveServices\TextAnalytics\ on the Administration server.


NOTE: If you are running a Cora SeQuence version earlier than v8.3.0, you must install v8.3.0 before you install v8.3.1.