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Cora SeQuence Generated Emails Contain Untitled Attachments


When you receive email generated from Cora SeQuence, there are two, untitled DLL file attachments.


BRS is configured to send logos in Cora SeQuence-generated emails, but the XSLT. does not include the logos.


You can either disable logo sending, or add the logo images to the XSLT file. 

Disable Logo Sending

  1. Open the BRS configuration file.
  2. Locate the sendLogos parameter and change the value from true to false.
  3. Save the BRS configuration file.
  4. Restart BRS.

Add Logos to the XSLT File

  1. Navigate to the folder where you installed BRS.
  2. Navigate to \Messaging\Images, and put your logo files in each relevant language folder.
    We recommend that you do not change the naming convention.
  3. Navigate to \Messaging\XSLT and modify each relevant language XSLT file to include the logo images in the email body's HTML.
    <img src="cid:logo_small.gif"></img>
    <img src-"cid:logo.gif"></img>
  4. Save the XSLT file.
  5. Restart BRS.