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Message Activity Overview
Information about the Message activity and when to use it in a dynamic workflow.
Launch the Message Wizard
Learn how to launch the message wizard for each activity that includes a message.
Define Message Content
Define the message's subject, body, and format.
Define Message Recipients
You can define recipients, conditions for recipients, queues, and distribution lists for a message.
Define Message Properties
Learn how to define properties for a message, such as task due date, priority, and more.
Define a Message Reminder for a Task
Create reminders that are automatically sent to users for their assigned tasks.
Add Attachments to a Message
Learn how to add attachments to a message.
Define a Rollback Message
By default, Sequence uses the template message from the resource file. You can define a custom rollback message.
Define the Recipients Picker Lists
In Flowtime, end users can reassign messages to other users, by selecting such users from a Recipients Picker. You can customize the recipients that display to end users in the Recipients Picker. Use
Create a Dynamic Link in a Message Body
Create a stored procedure defining a link, which you can dynamically use in a message.
Retain Line Breaks in Multi-Line Text Returned From an Expression
In some cases, when you send an email message that includes an expression that returns a string from a multi-line textbox, the line breaks are lost. Use this expression to retain the line breaks.