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Set up Connection to Kubernetes Cluster


This article helps you to set up connection to Kubernetes cluster.


  1. Install azure-cli with scoop. If you don't have scoop management, you can install with PS.
    Run PowerShell as non-admin user, and run irm | iex
  2. Install azure-cli.
    scoop install azure-cli
  3. Install  kubelogin. 
    scoop install kubectl azure-kubelogin
  4. Log in to azure.
  5. Connect to the subscription.
    az account set --subscription 2643c1f1-1cc4-4900-a039-6f9c9ccfb584
  6. Get credentials for the config file.
    az aks get-credentials --resource-group cora-qa-k8s --name coraorchestration-qa
  7. Connect to the cluster.
    kubectl get ns  -- 
    Open URL with code.
    Open link in web browser, add code, and connect with user from the active directory.