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Administration Settings


Manage Global Settings
In the Global Settings section, you can manage settings for the entire Cora SeQuence environment, such as connections to external systems, global stages, global variables, and more.
Manage Lookup Tables
A lookup table is a query type that you connect to a data model when defining a Form. They are tables with lookup values that you can use to in various several controls, such as combo boxes, option g
Manage Organization Settings
You can view, add, edit, and delete calendars, developers, employees, and employee roles to the system.
Active Directory Connection Settings
The Active Directory (AD) connection is written with LDAP syntax, and you define the connection from the Administration site. This procedure describes how to change the default AD settings. In our ex
Calendars in Dynamic Workflows
A calendar is a basic BPM tool that is required to define task time limits, workflow expectations, and other time-related details concerning resources and tasks.
Create a Calendar
Use calendars as part of time-dependent tasks, or to define time-dependent business rules.
Assign a Calendar to a Group
When you assign a calendar to a group, Cora SeQuence uses the defined calendar for time-dependent tasks, not the default calendar.
Assign a Calendar to a User
When you assign a calendar to a user, Cora SeQuence uses the defined calendar for time-dependent tasks, not the default calendar.
Create an Employee Record
You can add an employee to the system and define their profile configuration, including domain, email, display language, user name, and password.
Configure Portal Settings
You can create, edit, and delete portal categories to customize the Flowtime portal. Select an icon for the category, and which workflow spaces are in the category.
Manage Application Variables
Application variables are dynamic variables that enable you to reuse content that you commonly use in Cora SeQuence. You define a key and its value in the Application Variables table, and the
Create a Message Template
The message template is an HTML-based message that enables you to create reusable, dynamic messages. Include free text, HTML content, and message parameters.
Manage Personal Data
Managing personal and sensitive data in Cora SeQuence.