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Cora OpsManager 3.5 Release Notes

19 OCTOBER 2022

Welcome to Cora OpsManager Release Notes.

What's in the Release Notes?

  • What's new in Cora OpsManager V3.5?
  • Product enhancements
  • Resolved issues
  • Known issues

What's New in Cora OpsManager V3.5?

Cora OpsManager V3.5 release supports Cora SeQuence V9.8.4 and introduces bug fixes that improve product functionality.

Download the release package, and read the installation instructions here.

Product Enhancements

Cora OpsManager is now compatible with Cora SeQuence V9.8.4, and supports all major features.
For details on the supported features, see Release Notes for V9.8, V9.8.1, V9.8.2, V9.8.3.

Make sure that you upgrade to Cora SeQuence 9.8.3 before upgrading to V9.8.4.

Resolved Issues

#IssueFixTicket #
1In a case, when you left the To field empty, JES crashed.The JES doesn't crash now.583065
2Case attachments were missing after upgrading to V3.4.No case attachments are missing now.610548
3spBRS_MoveWorkflowInstancesToClosedTables failed when you added the same file ID to  tblWorkflowInstanceConversationsAttachments and tblWorkflowInstanceAttachments and then ran the close instance separator thread.The BRS is not failing and working fine now.621620
4The user was not able to add attachments to an email. User can add attachments to an email.622991
5After upgrading to V3.4, data loading and display in the Conversation View grid took longer than expected.Data in the Conversation View grid loads in expected time.634159
6ICM main case process had a visible local variable called TehilaProp1.TehilaProp1 doesn’t appear in ICM main case process now.634159
7Fetching and returning a case took longer time than expected.Case is now fetched and returned in expected time.-
8While deploying a PowerShell function, the following error was encountered:
Specific cast is not valid.
No error is encountered while deploying a PowerShell function.
9"RE:" was added in subject in every email reply, and the reply email subject looked like:
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 
The email reply has only one RE in the subject.
10Indexing of a case took longer than 30 seconds because of a long running Assign activity.Indexing a case takes less time now.
11You couldn't install Cora OpsManager when offline.You can install Cora OpsManager when offline.
12When the workflow certificate expired, you couldn't initiate the workflow.The expiration date is not verified during WF signature process
13When you opened a draft email, the Reason combo box was empty.The Reason combo box has values now.
14Custom actions were not working.Custom actions are working fine now.
15If you as an OpsManager admin added a user, then the user was added with the Employee role only.The user is added with all the selected roles.
16On Cora SeQuence home page, workflows other than Create Case were visible.Only the Create Case workflow is visible.

Known Issues

1Custom action pop-up window different than other actions pop-up window.
2On copy-pasting any content from an Excel file to a new email, the style and formatting is lost.
3A case assigned to other team member appear to be fetched by the Team Leader. But the team leader can't work on the case.
4A new case is created when you reply directly to the Approval email without using the reject or approve links, and also the case ID doesn't appear in the new case subject.
5On forwarding an email received from Gmail, a FW: is added to the email subject even when it already exists.
6Dashboards with Teams or Type in the name are not displayed on the Analytics page.