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Create New Email Template in Cora OpsManager

In Cora OpsManager, you can create an email notification template of your choice. This email template is used for all case related email notifications. 

To create a new email template,

  1. Go to Flowtime > Ops Manager > Ops Manager Admin > Email Templates.
  2. Click Add New Record, and add the template name in the blank box that appears on the top of the list.
  3. Click insert . The newly created template appears in the list.
  4. Click Edit content for the newly created template. A popup window appears to choose the language, and add content (with rich text editor) for the template.

Available languages for the template are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, and Korean.

While creating a template you may use some of the following expressions:

Case subject, Request By, Case category, case status, status change date, open date, closed date, date due, total work time, case status code, input channel code, input channel, case priority Id, case is paused, case type, case sub type, reason code, country id, default email from address, country code, requestor name, UserID.

The convention of using these expressions is: 

{{: it.fldMasterIWfId }}

You may use the expression {{= it.Query }} to display the body of original message in html format, and use the expression {{: it.MessagePlainText}} to display the body of original message, in plain text.
Following are the three mandatory email templates in the list:

  1. Case Creation Template
  2. Case Rejection Template
  3. Pending Closure Template

Expressions work only in auto notifications, and not when composing a new email via the case.


Case Creation Notification Template

The following case has been created for you:
Case ID: {{: it.fldMasterIWfId }}
Requested By: {{: it.RequestBy }}
Subject: {{: it.CaseSubject }}
Body: {{:it.MessagePlainText}}
Please reply to this email for further questions and make sure that the subject contains the case ID to shorten the process time.
Ops Manager Team

Case Rejection Notification Template

Hello {{: it.RequestBy }},
Do not reply to this message.
Your case "{{: it.CaseSubject }}" has been rejected.

Pending Closure Notification Template

Your case has been marked as pending closure.
Case ID: {{: it.fldMasterIWfId }}
Subject: {{: it.CaseSubject }}
If you require further assistance, reply to this email, otherwise, your case will be auto closed after 2 days.