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Granting Shared View Permissions



There can be several needs for sharing grid views. For example, you may want to create different views of the My Tasks grid for users from different teams, such as Sales North America, Sales EMEA, and Sales Latin America.

Global Administrators have Shared View permissions by default and can provide permissions to specific users or groups.
Users with Read & Write permission can:

  • Create or edit views that are visible to other users (Shared Views).
  • Delete shared views.
  • Deploy Shared Views across different environments.


  1. In the Administration site, go to Administration > Portal Settings.
  2. Right-click Portal Shared Views, and then select Manage Permissions.
  3. In the Table Permissions screen, click Add Permission.
  4. Select the entity type: Users or Groups, and then click Apply.
  5. Select the required users or groups from the left box, and then click >> to add them to the Selected Items box.
  6. Under Permission, select Read & Write.
  7. Click OK.

Because all the Shared Views available for a grid are visible to any user that can access the grid, you do not need to provide Read permissions to users.