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Cora SeQuence 8.5.3 Release Notes

4 MARCH 2018

This is an update for Cora SeQuence v8.5.0, which includes fixes for issues detailed below.

Resolved Issues

  •  The Max() and Min() functions do not execute properly on Enumerable types that are not AsQueryable.

Update Steps

Update from v8.5.0:

  1. Backup your Cora SeQuence database.
  2. Run the PatchSynchronization.sql script from the DB Scripts on your Sequence Database.
  3. Run IISReset.
  4. Make sure the following files and folders are on the same level in the server.
    • GAC
    • exe.bat
    • PatchTo8_5_3.ps1
  5. Run the exe.bat file as an administrator on all Cora SeQuence servers.
  6. Run IISReset for the change to take effect.

NOTE: Only Sequence Cumulative Update is available for download. If you are running a Cora SeQuence version earlier than v8.5.2, you must install v8.5.2 before you install v8.5.3.