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Version Management for Solutions


You can save solution versions, download solution packages, and restore solution versions from a package. Version management is helpful for using solutions between environments.


To manage a solution's versions, right-click the solution and select Manage Versions.

Solution Version Management Options
Manage saved packages
Download the solution package as a ZIP file.
Create a new solution package
Create a new solution version package. You can export this package as a ZIP file and then import the package to another environment.
Restore solution
Restore a solution version from a saved package. If you restore a solution that exists in your environment, the restoration procedure overwrites the existing version with the restored version.

Importing and Exporting a Solution

When you create a solution package for import or export, only the solution definition is included in the package. The solution's workflows are not included in the solution package, you must import or export the solution's workflows separately.

The solution package includes several elements, including, reference to the master workflow, resource references, plan (for HotOperations solutions), and more. 

Import Validation

When you import a solution package, you should validate that the package includes all necessary elements.

If the import package is missing elements, a list of missing elements is displayed.