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Grid Control


Grid Control Overview
The Grid control is an advanced control based on the Telerik Grid control, and exposes various features, such as paging, sorting, grouping, and others that use menu click.
Grid Control Feature Code Examples
Code examples of common Grid control features.
 Add a Grid to a Form
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Edit a Grid Column
Learn how to edit a grid's columns.
Add an Edit Form to a Grid
Follow these steps to add an edit form to a grid.
Bind a Grid to an Expression
You can bind a grid to any expression. In this example, we bind a grid the results of a Web Service Listener Activity.
Display Files in a Grid
In the data model, there is a property on the Attachment field that you need to set to Public.
Implement an Aggregation Footer in a Grid
Follow these steps to include an aggregation footer in a grid.
Hide or Format Control Labels in a Grid
By default, controls in a grid edit template have labels prepended. If you only have one column in your grid, you might want to hide the control label completely.