Genpact Cora Knowledge Center


View a Process Tree

The process tree displays the flow of the process and the current pending activity, in Flowtime and in the database. Access to the process tree requires specific permissions.

To view the process tree in the database, run the following script on the database.

SELECT ta.fldName, 
FROM tblInstanceActivities ia 
            INNER JOIN tblTemplateActivities ta ON ta.fldGuid=ia.fldTemplateActivityGuid
            INNER JOIN tblActivityTypes typ ON typ.fldGuid=ta.fldType
            LEFT JOIN tblActionItems ai ON ai.fldIActId=ia.fldId
            LEFT JOIN ViewEmp emps ON emps.fldID=ai.fldToId         
WHERE ia.fldInstanceWfId=000
ORDER BY ia.fldId