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Cora Case Manager 4.0 Release Notes

30 NOVEMBER 2023

Welcome to Cora Case Manager Release Notes.

What's in the Release Notes?

  • What's new in Cora Case Manager V4.0?
  • New features
  • Known issues
  • Breaking changes

What's New in Cora Case Manager V4.0?

Cora Case Manager V4.0 release supports Cora Orchestration V10.4.

Download the release package, and read the installation instructions here.

New features

Cora Case Manager is now compatible with Cora Orchestration V10.4, and supports all major features.
For details on the supported features, see Release Notes for V10.0, V10.1, V10.2, V10.3, V10.3.1, V10.3.2, and V10.4.

Cora Case Manager has a new portal, based on the latest UX/UI studies and technologies. The portal is built on the single-page application approach, which simplifies user experience and provides a unified case management work area.


  • Make sure to check the resolved and known issues for all the Cora Orchestration releases from V10.0 - V10.4.
  • Make sure to check the upgrade paths article before upgrading to Cora Orchestration V10.4.
  • For any breaking changes in Cora Orchestration, see this article.

Known issues

1Split Case is missing from the vertical ellipsis menus in all grids.
Workaround: You can split a case from the linked cases tab.
2By default, the portal opens with Cora Orchestration solution. You need to select the Case Manager solution, and it is set as default solution for your next login.
3When you switch from one grid to another, and switch back to the previous grid, then the Merge Case doesn't work.
Workaround: You need to refresh the grid page.
4Change properties is visible in the Case Manager menus. It will be removed next release.
5On performing an action on a case the case  page refreshes and a stage bar is displayed in the case page.
6In personal reminders the date format is always in DD\MM\YY format, even for USA format.
7For All cases grid, Share and View Process Wall are displayed along with Open case in the actions dropdown. Ideally only Open Case should be displayed.
8The portal prompt “Unsaved Changes” message every time you switch between the grids.
Workaround: It is recommended to save a view.
9Only one Custom properties field is displayed in the operation cases grid.
10Notifications are not displayed in the grid.
11For the Cases Assigned to me and the Cases in Queue grids, the “All teams” option doesn’t behave as expected. Instead of showing all the cases in all the teams it shows the cases relevant for the first team in the list.
12Opening a linked case from the linked cases tab opens the case in a new window instead of a tab.
13In the Conversation View for Pre Case Pending Closure, Pre Case Ready for Processing, and Pre Case Creation cases, the system notification item subject is set to null.
14In My Reminders, the "Send me a daily summary" doesn't work, and the user doesn't get a summary email.

Breaking changes

  • Report are now available under All Cases Details Report dashboard. The dashboard contains all the information of all unarchived cases in the system. The report comes out-of-the-box that displays all cases’ details collected within last few hours, with shared views for your ease.
  • The following features are not part of this release, and will become available in the next release:
    • PDF generation for Approval.
    • Workflow signature: The workflows in this release are not signed. It is recommended to NOT make any updates in the ICM workflows, as the updates will not stay on upgrade.
  • The following features are omitted permanently:
    • Cora OpsManager Lite Portal View
    • Conditional formatting
    • Forms' translation
    • Push Next feature