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Working with Master Workflows

The master workflow is the root of a solution, and represents the case template. From this workflow, you can divide the application into branches and sub-workflows, according to the users' decisions. The system tracks the case ID (fIdMasterIwfld) and stores it in all relevant tables. 

This key is used to correlate between the different reusable workflows. If you use an external key for your case ID, you must manage it in the View level.

Note: You cannot trigger a master workflow as a sub-workflow.

Master workflow context

You can open the task and social features, such as Q&A comments and wall, in the Case context, which allows users to view information in a wider context.

In the workflow, the Scope property controls whether to open tasks in the context of the master workflow (case), or as a standalone task. If you select the MasterWorkflow option, tasks and messages open in the context of the master workflow.

Edit the master workflow

You can edit the master workflow, just like any other workflow.

  1. Navigate to the solution's dashboard.
  2. In the Master Workflow Common Tasks panel, click Edit.
  3. Edit the master workflow as needed.
    You edit the master workflow the same as any other workflow.
    Case Management Configuration Options
    Add global variablesShared between all workflows in the solution. Navigate to Properties > Variables
    Add sub-workflowsAdded to the master workflow, and used to manage cases.
    Add a shared data modelUsed to share and display case data in forms, from across the solution.