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Getting Started with Portal Customization

Main steps required to customize the Cora Orchestration portal.

1Download and unpack the Custom PS Scripts ZIP file from the repositoryLink to repository

You need credentials to connect to the Cora Orchestration repository.
Contact Support to obtain credentials to access the Cora Orchestration repositories.

Watch a demo of the setup process.

2Run the oneClick_Install_Env_Local.ps1 
function to set up the customization development environment
Installs 3rd-party components and PowerShell modules, deploys the portal application on IIS, creates a snapshot of the deployed portal, and downloads the Visual Studio template project used to customize portal configurations. 
3Edit the template project with the required customized configurations.Replace logo, change styles, add custom pages, add menu items, among other changes.

Watch a demo of how to customize the template project and implement the changes to the portal. 

5Optional: Set up source control
  • Create repository
  • Create clone on Git
  • Configure CI/CD pipelines
6Validate the template project setupAfter you deploy the customized portal application, open the portal site and make sure there are no errors.