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Define a Data Model Stored Procedure Query

You can define the data model with a query whose data is retrieved from a stored procedure. This data can then be used to populate a combo box in a form.

NOTE: Stored procedure names must begin with the prefix USP.

Access the Data Model

Define the Data Model

Select a Stored Procedure

You can select a stored procedure from the default database, or define a connection string to access another SQL Server database (available with V8.8.2).

The list of stored procedures includes only stored procedures with the USP prefix.

  • In the Value field, you can click the ellipsis button to define the value based on an expression.
  • The Mask property enables Cora SeQuence to know which data to receive from the client, and to which parameter of the stored procedure to pass this data to based on its type (input, filter, pagesize, and so on). Cora SeQuence assigns a default mask to each parameter based on the parameter name. If this assignment is not accurate, you can change the mask value.

Define Query Fields

  • Select the required fields from the Stored Procedure Fields panel, and then click the double arrow button to add them to the Query Fields panel.
  • Name is the field name in the query.
  • Projected Field is the parameter name from the stored procedure.

What next?

After you finish defining the stored procedure query, you can use it as a data source for fields in your form.