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Hot Operations Overview


Operations Managers need to optimize casework allocation in real time, to decrease operational costs, and increase productivity. Case management is the methodology whereby knowledge workers handle an unstructured, unpredictable workload. Hot Operations enables you to intelligently manage load balancing on the organizational, divisional, and employee level. 

Case Dashboard

The case dashboard is the central command hub for case management. Operations Managers and Team Leaders use the dashboard to monitor, track, and assign case work.

Dynamic Workflows and Tasks

To resolve a case successfully, caseworkers can perform any number of sub-workflows, actions, or tasks. In general, complex cases require more than one caseworker. Hot Operations is a robust and collaborative case management tool that enables team collaboration to streamline casework.

Smart Task Assignment

Case managers can use the Delegation (Allocation) wizard to delegate cases to personnel based on their role, availability, and expertise. Case managers can roll back changes to cases when necessary, and easily revert to earlier case stages.

Watch a demonstration of Hot Operations.