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Product Version Lifecycle

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.


Cora SeQuence lifecycle starts when the product version is released and ends when that version is no longer supported. Among other things, each stage in the lifecycle determines the level of support, maintenance services, and access to certain product resources. 

It is important to be aware of the status of your product version, to understand which services are available for your product, and to help you make informed decisions on when to update or upgrade.

Cora SeQuence lifecycle includes three main status: Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and End of Life.

Status description

Mainstream Support
  • Duration: From the version release date to the Mainstream Support end date.
  • Maintenance and support services: Standard support services according to the customer's maintenance agreement.
  • Patches/fixes: Released only for the latest product version.
Extended Support
  • Duration: From Mainstream Support end date to Extended Support end date.
  • Maintenance and support services: Reasonable efforts only. 
  • Patches/fixes: No patches or fixes are released for products with this status.
End of life  
  • Duration: From Extended Support end date.
  • Maintenance and support services: No product support or maintenance are provided.
  • Product usage and upgrade access: License is for usage and upgrade access only.
    Upgrade access includes access to upgrade path, downloadable files, and documentation.

Service availability by status

ServiceMainstreamExtendedEnd of life
Critical patch updates (hot fixes)
Product support
Maintenance support
Access to Support portal
Usage license
Access to upgrade packages

Product version lifecycle status

VersionMainstream Support
(start date)
Mainstream Support
(end date)
Extended Support
(end date)
StatusApps based on Cora Orchestration
4.x200620122015End of lifeN/A
6.x200920142017End of lifeN/A
7.x201201/01/201912/31/2019End of lifeN/A
8.x201601/01/202012/31/2020End of lifeCora OpsManager 1.x-2.x
9.0-9.6June 201931/12/202230/06/2023End of lifeCora OpsManager 3.0-3.4.1
9.7-9.9.xAugust 202130/06/202330/06/2024Extended Support
Cora OpsManager 3.5

Mainstream Support
Cora Case Manager 4.x