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Customize Main Dashboard in Cora OpsManager

Main dashboards in Cora OpsManager can be customized per requirement. 

However, we recommend Not to modify dashboards in Cora OpsManager as the updates will not get synced, on upgrade. Instead, you can add a new dashboard to the Ops Manager Analytics section on Flowtime. To add a new dashboard, see the Create an Analytics Dashboard article.

To customize main dashboards:

  1. Create a copy of the Dashboard you want to customize.
  2. Change the name of the container on the copy. It could be any name.
  3. Go to solution and choose container.
  4. Choose the “new container name”.

Before creating custom dashboards make sure you are aware of all the relevant SQL tables in Cora OpsManager. For list of SQL tables in Cora OpsManager, see the SQL Tables in Cora OpsManager article.