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Calendars in Dynamic Workflows

A calendar is a basic BPM tool that is required to define task time limits, workflow expectations, and other time-related details concerning resources and tasks.

With calendars, you can generate:

  • Corporate calendars that are used by the majority of the organization's resources.
  • Individual calendars that are used by individuals or groups associated with the organization, and whose tasks might be influenced by time-related workflow processes.

After you configure a calendar and assign it to a user or group, you can employ the calendar in the following ways.

  • Change the due date of an activity so that the time allotted is calculated according to the recipient's calendar.
  • Generate a time-dependent business rule.

Note: When you define an activity timer or due date, the unit day refers to a workday. Cora SeQuence does not calculate partial days. For example, if the due date is defined as one day, and the instance began on Monday at 14:00, and the user has a day off on Tuesday, the due date is calculated as Wednesday at 14:00. When the activity timer or due date is based on an hourly time unit, Cora SeQuence calculates minutes and seconds.