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Add a New Email Connection

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.



To send emails from Cora SeQuence to an email server, you need to set up a connection that uses the relevant email protocol: SMTP or Microsoft Graph.

Required parameters

ParameterDescriptionFor SMTPFor Microsoft Graph
NameA unique connection nameYesYes
ServerSMTP server nameYesNo
PortServer portYesNo
SSLEstablishes an SSL connectionYesNo
Credential NameSelect a unique credential.Select a Username Password type credential.Select an OAuth2 Client Credentials type credential.

It is recommended to create the required credentials before setting up the email connection.
For details on creating a credential, see this article.

Add connection

  1. In the Administration site, go to Administration > Global Settings > Email Sending Connections.
  2. Click Add New Record.
  3. Select a connection type.
  4. Based on the selected connection type, enter the required parameters.
  5. To select a credential, click the ellipsis button.
  6. On the Run As... screen, do one of the following:
    • Select one of the existing credentials, and then click OK.
    • If the list doesn't include the credential you need, to create a new one, click Add.
      For more details, see this article
  7. Click Add.

The new email sending connection is added to the list of connections and can be used when configuring email activities.

Previous to V9.8.3

Follow the steps to add a new SMTP connection for sending emails.