Genpact Cora Knowledge Center


Cora SeQuence Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Watch the following videos to learn how to troubleshoot Cora SeQuence issues and get tips to improve system performance.


Data fields and Event Viewer (5 min)

Introduces the Process Lab and how to use the Event Viewer and the Event Log to identify issues.
Error Handler and SVC logs (6 min)
Demonstrates how to troubleshoot workflow issues with the Error Handler activity and the SVC log file.
Assign activity and expression wizard (5 min)
Introduces additional Process Lab tools.
Quick Watch and Handle Running Processes 
(6:30 min)
Shows how to use the Quick Watch tool, demonstrates redirect options, and introduces the Handle Running Processes maintenance tool.
Log Files (6 min)Focuses on the various log files that are created by Cora SeQuence for workflow instances, job executions, and specific activities, such as consumers and listeners.

Target audience: Administrators and developers