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Data Model Activity Overview


Use the Data Model Activity to create a data model that you can share between workflows. The data model can include queries, such as tables, lookup tables, and service queries, like the data model from a form. Unlike the form data model, the data model you create using Data Model Activity does not include a View, and it is not attached to a specific form. The data model you create with the Data Model Activity is portable, you can connect multiple workflow activities to the data model, or import it to other workflows.

Use Cases

  • Build a case management solution that includes a master workflow and several sub-workflows. Share the data model between the workflows in the solution, which enables you to display data consistently across various views and contexts.

Wizard Tips

  • After you add the Data Model Activity to the canvas, you do not need to connect it to other activities in the workflow.
  • If you add a table query, make sure you use fldMasteriwfid as the key. This enables you to view the table data in any activity in the solution. To use an external case reference, leave the key blank and filter the data using the data source's where clause in the form view.
  • To share case details between different tasks in different workflows in a solution, use the Master Workflow ID as the query key, or any external Case ID, such as Global ID.
  • After you define the data model, you can connect form fields to fields from this data model, and auto-generate fields using UI Generation.

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