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Combo Box Control


ComboBox Control Overview
The ComboBox control is a drop-down menu that you can add to a form. You can manually configure the ComboBox values, or you can connect the ComboBox to a data source, which populates the menu with items from the data source. The ComboBox can be stat...
 Add a Combo Box to a Form
Add a combo box to a form so end users can easily provide requested information.
Define Filtered Combo Boxes
With interconnected combo boxes, user input for a combo box determines the values for subsequent combo boxes.
Caching Items in a ComboBox
The ComboBox control includes the EnableItemCaching property, which you can only use in load-on-demand scenarios.
Define an Advanced Combo Box
When you create and define a form, there are several advanced options that enable greater control over the form's appearance and behavior.