Genpact Cora Knowledge Center


Customization Concepts

Code editor and framework

With Cora Orchestration V10, you customize the portal using Visual Studio Code, which provides you with TypeScript code formatting and syntax validation support. 

It is important to follow the coding and structure conventions of the provided customization project template.

User interface customization

You can create new pages and components using the React library. React development is state oriented and not flow oriented.

You change the state and React takes responsibility of re-rendering the UI according to the state. It is crucial to understand and follow this concept to create simpler, less error-prone code when creating advanced customizations.

Application state management

As you develop custom components and manage application state, it is recommended to debug your code using Redux developer tools. With Redux, you can see the application state at any point in time.

Redux is a state management library that makes it easier to manage state and data.

Redux main principles

  • Single source of truth: The state of the application is stored in one object tree called store: one application, one store.
  • State is read-only (immutability): We do not change the state object and its properties directly. Instead, you create a new object, recalculate the new application state, and update it with the new object. All the changes happen in the same place, so everything needs to be done in a strict linear order.
  • Changes are made with pure functions (reducers): Reducers are pure functions that take previous state and action and return the new state.