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Reset Full-Load Index Synchronization


You can stop and restart the full-load and incremental jobs to reset data synchronization.

Use cases

  • You need to edit the index configuration. Here are a few examples: 
    • Wrong fields have been defined as keyFields.
    • Field names or aliases have changed.
    • Table aliases have changed.
  • You need to fill the data all over again in the elasticsearch database, for any reason.

Adding or deleting a field from the index configuration does not require index removal.
You only need to delete existing indexes, if:

  • You want to update the data that has already been synchronized with the new change. 
  • There were mistakes in the JSON index configuration.
    For example, if the keyFields value were wrong.


  • Credentials to the Cora SeQuence database.
  • In case you need to delete the indexes, you need the credentials to the Elasticsearch database.


  1. On the Administration application:
    1. Go to Jobs Management, and then stop and disable the relevant full load and incremental jobs.
    2. If you need to update the index configuration, do the following:
      1. Go to Elastic Search Connections, and open the relevant connection.
      2. Update the Index Configuration section with the edited JSON configuration.

There is no need to create a new connection with a new JSON. Edit the existing one.

  1. On the Elasticsearch database: This step is required only if you changed the JSON index configuration.
    1. Delete all the indexes associated with the Elasticsearch connection configured on Cora SeQuence.
      For more details, see this page
  1. On the {snippet.Sequence8}} database:
    1. Go to the tblDataCollectors table, locate a row that has the name of your connection under fldConnectionName.
    2. On the same row, set these values in the following columns:
      1. fldStartStopValues: NULL
      2. fldDataCollectingMode: 0
  2. On the Administration application:
    1. Go to Jobs Management, and then enable and restart the relevant full load and incremental jobs.