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Database Listener Activity Overview


When you use the Database Listener activity in a dynamic workflow, the activity causes the workflow to wait for a specified value to update in the field of a database table. When this field is updated, the new data updates in the Database Listener Activity's database table (UACT table), and the workflow proceeds to the next stage. If the Database Listener activity is at the beginning of the workflow, a new instance of the workflow is created every time a new record is added to the database table.

Wizard Tips

  • Connection String: configure the connection string for the source database.
  • Table/Query: relevant table name or query for the relevant table.
  • Key Field: Enter the name of the field in the selected table that triggers the database listener. This field must be unique.
  • Key Value: value of the key field that triggers the database listener. You can define this parameter with an expression.
  • Blocking: deselect this option for the flow to continue without the key field being updated to the key value.