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Fetch a CRM Entity Activity

CRM 4.0


Use the Fetch a CRM Entity Activity to fetch multiple Dynamics CRM entities in XML format in a workflow. For system performance considerations, use this activity to fetch a large number of entities.

Use Cases

  • Real world uses cases that help customers understand functionality. Sometimes a screenshot of the activity in a workflow (with meaningful element names) is best.

Wizard Tips

  1. In the left pane of the Request section, click fetchXML.
  2. In the right pane of the Request section, In the Value text box, enter an XML-based expression for the entities you want to retrieve. You can manually enter an expression and select it from a workflow field, or base the value on a workflow expression. 

Wizard Example

  • Retrieve all leads.

"<fetch mapping=""locigal"">"+"<entity name=""lead"">+"<all-attributes/>"+"</entity>"+"</fetch>"

  • Retrieve all accounts in which the lastname does not equal Smith.
"<fetch mapping-""logical"">"+"<entity name=""account"">"
+"<attribute name=""accountid""/>"+"<attribute name=""name""/>"
+"<link-entity name=""systemuser""to=""owninguser"">
+"<filter type=""and"">"+"<condition attribute=""lastname"" operator=""ne"" value=""Smith""/>"