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Cora OpsManager 2.1.3 Release Notes

December 2019

This is an update for Cora OpsManager v2.1.2, which resolves the product issues detailed below.

To download the release package and instructions, click here.

Resolved Issues


On an Indexing task for bulky messages, the display of the full message took longer than usual, thus keeping the entire task on wait until the message was loaded and displayed.

The loading mechanism for Indexing tasks has been changed. The delay in the display of the full message does not affect the entire task. The other sections of the task are functional, and can now be worked on while the message is being loaded and displayed. A new message prompts during loading: "We are loading the full message."
2Addition of wrong tags to the HTML content in the message corrupted the HTML content.Added a sanitize mechanism to auto-clean the HTML content. 
3The Save Properties button in tasks didn't work properly.The Save Properties button is working properly.
4The Closed As Spam did not log any errors in the error log table.The errors for Closed As Spam are logged in the error log table.