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Configure Where Parameters for a Data Source

Filter a data source's displayed values according to a Where expression. For example, after you create a grid and a text box, you can configure the data source so that when the end user enters a last name in the text box, the grid displays only the records with that last name. You can also order the results according to specific columns.

Procedure to Define a Where Parameter for Tables and Lookup Tables

  1. Open the data source's smartpane, and select Configure Where Parameters.
  2. Define the Where expression parameters.
    The column of the grid by which you want to filter results.
    There Where clause logical operator, for example, ==.
    The source of the value by which you want to filter the results. There are several options. For example: Control (the value of a control on the form), Expression (a Cora SeQuence expression), Cookie, Form, Profile, Query Session.
    For more information, see
    Default Value
    Default value by which to filter the results.
  3. Click Add.
  4. (Optional) Click Advanced Mode to create a complex expression with multiple AND, OR conditions.

Procedure to Define a Where Parameter for Stored Procedures and Services

For Stored Procedure and Service Data Sources, there is no where expression, only the IN parameters passed to the SP or Service.  

  • Click Add Parameter to add them to the filter, and define their filter values in the Source field.